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About Brenco Construction

Innovation and Efficiency in Multi-family Construction


At Brenco Construction, we build top quality multi-family construction properties in the greater Boston area. We work closely with our architects and designers, creatively making the most of our space. It's important for us that we always keep up to date with the newest technologies and with 30 years of experience, we continue to provide people with the most comfortable and modern way of living. 

Brenco Construction understands that success building multifamily projects requires good teamwork and coordination long before a project ever breaks ground. Brenco Construction takes a hands-on approach during the plan development and pre-construction phase to help our clients successfully design, budget and execute their multi-family projects.



















Schedule and Budget Management

Concept To Reality


We only work with top quality subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that all our projects are completed on budget and on schedule


We take a concept through each stage of design, planning and zoning to get your building approved.

As your builder/owners representative we manage quality at every step of the journey in the creation of your new space.


What sets us apart?


Our strengths:

 Working with Quality Professionals

Repeat Clients due to

customer  satisfaction

A happy Client is our

best advertisement

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